Date: Feb 26, 2024

To all the FREE users of BetterMind Software (if you are a Paid user this change is not applicable to you)

We have an important update about your FREE user account with us.

This email is from the management of BetterWorld Healthcare, Inc., the provider of BetterMind Software.  If you have visited our website recently, you will notice that the site has been redesigned.  What you might not have realized if you have not viewed the library of assessments is that we have added more assessments. Updates have also been made to the software to improve its operational efficiency.  Additional enhancements are in the planning stage and will be made in the near future.

Why this Change?

BetterWorld Healthcare is committed to continuously delivering new features and improvements based on feedback from our customers. We are committed to building an easy-to-use platform that adapts to the evolving needs of your growing business.  Unfortunately, we incur significant costs to improve the software and along with general inflation increasing and ongoing operational expenses. Since 2017 we have given a FREE plan for users to explore our application, but we regret that we can no longer offer BetterMind Software services free of charge. 

We really hope you are with us and can upgrade to the minimum Pro Plan, which is $10 per month and offers features beyond what was available on the Free Plan. To switch to the Pro Plan or any other plans, simply follow the steps listed here.

1. Login to your free account. (Please Note: Please log in using the same email that you used during the registration process for creating assessments.)

2. Click on Account and select Plan tab

3. In Plan screen click on Change Plan button.

4. A popup will be appear

5. If you are a free user click on Payment Methods to add your card detail.

6. Click on Free Label to upgrade your end.

7. Click on Edit Subscription and in Edit Subscription Details screen select plan to upgrade as per your requirement.

8. After selection Click on Update Subscription and Done

Please note, all your client assessments and data will automatically transfer to the paid account.  Keep in mind that for many users, the monthly fee is a deductible expense for tax purposes.  We expect to close all Free Plan by March 10, 2024 after which client data will no longer be available online.  We appreciate the confidence you have had with BetterMind in the past and believe our software offers compelling value.

Thank you,

BetterWorld Healthcare Team

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