BetterMind Software

An Easy Way for Healthcare Practitioners to Administer Questionnaires to Clients

BetterMind Software is designed to make it easy for qualified healthcare practitioners to deliver outcome assessments to their clients. Assessments are delivered at the point of care or, with the Web Browser App, remotely using a computer, laptop or other portable electronic device. Results are instantly and accurately scored, reports are generated, interpretation and graphing are shown when applicable, and outcomes are tracked over time. BetterMind Software is affordable, efficient and easy to use. It’s an invaluable tool that fits into the practice workflow, allows for better documentation, secure data storage and ultimately increases client engagement which can help improve the therapeutic relationship and increase the efficacy of treatment.

BetterMind Software Versions

BetterMind has two versions of its software. The Web Browser App, a newer and improved version of the software, operates with all popular web browsers on any web-enabled device. The iPad App only operates on an iPad. The Web Browser App also offers more features and greater flexibility than the iPad App. A comparison of the features of the Web Browser App versus the iPad App is shown below.

Software Features Web Browser App iPad App
Number of Assessments More than 60 More than 60
Centralized Assessment Library with Descriptions of Assessments
Reliable Psychometrics
Instant Scoring and Interpretation to Save Time
Scores Presented as Percentiles to Ease Interpretation
Graph Symptoms Over Time to Track Treatment Progress
Secure Data Storage
Creates PDF Files for Export
Easy Test Administration
User Friendly Interface
Schedule Regular Assessments via Email
Remote Monitoring - Email Assessment[s] to Client for Completion at Home
Creates CSV Files for Export to Excel
Hardware Requirements Any Web Enabled Device iPad Only
Operating System Requirements Any iOS 8.2 or later
Free Use Limited

Watch A Demo of the BetterMind Web App

Take a tour of BetterMind Web App and see how it can enhance your practice. BetterMind makes it very easy to add clients, administer psychological assessments, and view test results…all with just a few clicks. BetterMind will automatically calculate assessment scores and can even graph your clients’ progress over time.

Advantages of Using BetterMind

  • Uses Validated and Reliable Psychometrics
  • Scores Tests Instantly And Accurately
  • Tracks Outcomes Over Time
  • Allows for Better Documentation and Secure Data Storage
  • Offers Remote Monitoring Capabilities – Telemedicine
    [only available with the Web Browser App]


Why Get BetterMind

Easy For Patients

No pencil or paper required. Patients easily complete the assessments by tapping the multi-choice screen to enter their answers and the results are instantly available.

Designed For Practitioners

Clinicians no longer need to manually score psychometric assessments. BetterMind automatically scores the assessments and provides fast, accurate and detailed reports.

Efficient And Accurate

Providers can deliver these assessments in the office or remotely in a timely and secure manner. Scores are converted into percentile ranks, providing you with data needed to appropriately interpret test results.

Why Get BetterMind

Easy For Patients

Regularly measuring test results provides significant and important information to you and your patient. BetterMind can help you recommend the right treatment, track a patient’s progress and gauge their mental health. In fact, research shows that regular use of outcome measures may increase engagement and improve the therapeutic relationship, ultimately increasing the efficacy of treatment. Of course, measures are particularly meaningful if feedback is provided in a clear, instant and engaging manner – that is why the BetterMind graphs symptoms over time.

Try the BetterMind Web Browser App for Free

Your free account will get you access to all of BetterMind’s features, assessments, metrics, scores, and graphing function all at ZERO cost. We know you will like BetterMind because it was built with professional healthcare practitioners, like you, in mind. Try it for free and see how BetterMind can enhance your practice.