Y-BOCS Symptom Checklist (Y-BOCS-SC)

The Yale-Brown Obsessive Compulsive Symptom Checklist is a clinician rated checklist designed to guide a structured interview to determine the target symptoms for treatment. There are 55 questions asking about both obsessions and compulsions.

The assessment a structured interview.

A list of past and current symptoms are provided which are used to determine target obsessions and compulsions in treatment. A score between 0 and 110 is given where the patient receives 1 point for past symptoms and 2 points for current symptoms. This score is not the primary method for interpretation and looking at the specific answers provides the most meaningful clinical picture.



Instructions to Client
This is a clinician rated checklist. Ensure the patient knows the difference between obsessions and compulsions and ask them about each category of symptoms below. If they have experienced a symptom in the current week (7 days), select “Current”. If they are not currently experiencing symptoms but have in the past then select past “Past”. In general, the response is guided by the patient’s report; however, the final rating is based on the clinical judgement of the interviewer.

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