Email assessment to your clients

The BetterMind Web App allows you to send assessments to your clients instantly via email. Clients can answer questionnaires on their smartphone in your waiting room or office, or you can ask them to complete longer assessment batteries at home on their computer or tablet.

Receive feedback after sessions

Solicit feedback after a session or once the episode of care has ended. Engage in feedback informed practice and learn what is working for clients in therapy and what isn’t.

Saves time by automating the process

Scheduled assessment emails saves the clinician time and helps them spend valuable contact in session on treatment focused matters while still assessing treatment efficacy. Don’t get bogged down in paperwork, use BetterMind App to automate the process.

Schedule regular follow-up email assessments

Schedule regular assessments to be emailed once a week, month, or quarterly to get a reliable measure of your client’s mental state, even between sessions. These regular email assessments can also serve as a useful reminder for your clients to be monitoring their mental health and re-engaging in treatment if needed.

Start Using BetterMind for Free

The App is fast and easy for your patients / clients to use. Test scores are automatically calculated providing reliable metrics that are easily interpreted.