Advantages and Features

Affordable • Comprehensive • Effective • Easy to Use

Simplify Test Administration

Administering an assessment is as simple as selecting the assessment from BetterMind’s centralized library, and giving the client access to the device – there is no need for providers to worry about maintaining supply of test papers, instructions sheets, or sharpened pencils! BetterMind Software instantly scores the assessments, saving you precious time and giving you useful interpretations. Scores are presented as percentile ranks, comparing your clients scores with normative data.

Scores Tests Instantly and Accurately

The moment the client completes the assessments, test scores and interpretations are available for the practitioner to examine – there is no delay and no calculations required on behalf of the practitioner. The results are available on the App or through the clinician’s email. Forget about Z-indexes and T-tables, as the software includes percentiles, sub-scales, and averages when applicable. This feature saves time and ensures scoring is 100% accurate.

Provides Immediate Feedback

When the client completes the assessments, the results are quickly translated into percentiles and data which the clinician can view immediately and discuss with the patient. The software delivers tests with high standards of validity and reliability. It provides detail by which norming and other metrics are based and includes the resources for clinicians to interpret the results.

Access to Dozens of Assessments

BetterMind gives you access to dozens of multiple choice tests to measure outcomes, can assist with case conceptualization, and provide data to support diagnoses.

Secure Data Storage

All BetterMind Software is built incorporating above industry-standard data encryption technologies.

Tracks Outcomes Over Time to Monitor Long-Term Treatment

Regularly measuring assessment results and graphing them over time provides significant and important information and is especially useful for long-term treatment. BetterMind Software’s graphing function can help you determine the proper treatment, track a client’s progress, and gauge the client’s mental health. In fact, research shows regular use of outcome measures could increase engagement and improve the therapeutic relationship, ultimately strengthening the efficacy of treatment.


Graphing can illustrate to clients the impact of triggers, be reminded they can improve, and learn about mood cycles. Using graphs can help clinicians identify life conditions conducive to well-being and those that cause stress. The graph on the left illustrates a long-term [2 year] course of therapy.

BetterMind Software Features


Email Assessments to Clients

BetterMind Software allows you to send assessments instantly via a secure email link. Clients can answer questionnaires on any web-enabled device in your waiting room or office or at home. You will receive the results as soon as the client completes the assessment. Assessments via email saves time and lets the clinician spend session contact time on treatment focused matters.


Schedule Regular Follow-Up Assessments by Email

BetterMind Software allows you to schedule regular assessments for your clients to complete at home to remotely monitor symptoms. Schedule follow-up assessments weekly, monthly, or quarterly on discharge to make sure the client remains on-track.


Receive Feedback After Sessions

Solicit feedback after a session or once the episode of care has ended. Engage in feedback informed practice and learn what is working for clients in therapy and what isn’t.


Operates on Any Web-Enabled Device Using All Popular Browser Software

BetterMind Software operates on computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones using popular operating systems such as android, iOS, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and others.

Why Get BetterMind?

Designed for Practitioners, Easy for Patients

BetterMind Software is designed for qualified healthcare providers to administer psychometric assessments accurately and efficiently. Practitioners can deliver these assessments in the office or remotely in a timely and secure manner. No pencil or paper required. Clients / patients easily complete the assessments by choosing from the multiple choice screen to enter their answers and the results are instantly available. Clinicians no longer need to manually score psychometric assessments. BetterMind Software automatically scores the assessments and provides fast, accurate and detailed reports to appropriately interpret test results.

The general advantages of computer-based assessment tools over traditional paper-and-pencil testing are well known: increased delivery and scoring efficiency, reduced costs, improved test security, consistency and reliability. The use of web-based software for administering psychometric tests retains all the benefits of traditional computer-based assessments without any of the disadvantages.

For example, administration of assessments through BetterMind’s interface is portable, does not require a designated desk for assessment, can be administered in an examination room type scenario, and does not require the participant to be computer literate. BetterMind will quickly become an essential tool in the healthcare provider’s tool-kit.

Compared to traditional PC-based computer testing interfaces, BetterMind offers a much improved user experience through touch technology on any web-enabled device as well as allowing a client / patient to take a test in the office at the point of care or remotely.

Try BetterMind Software for Free

Your free account will get you access to BetterMind’s features, assessments, metrics, score and graphing function. We know you will like BetterMind because it was built with professional healthcare practitioners, like you, in mind. Try it for free and see how BetterMind can enhance your practice.