Combined erectile dysfunction tests (EDITS, IIEF, SEAR,) (CEDT)

This assessment has the following three questionnaires combined.
– Erectile dysfunction Inventory of treatment (EDITS) Questionnaire – 11 questions (questions 1-11)
– International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) Questionnaire – 15 questions (questions 11-26)
Self Esteem and Relationship Quality Survey (SEAR) – 14 questions (questions 27 40)

Refer to separate psychometric properties for each of the three scales.

The Erectile Dysfunction Inventory of Treatment (EDITS) Questionnaire has 11 questions (questions 1-11). The total score is presented as well as a transformed score, which is the mean score multiplied by 25 (to give a 0 to 100 overall score). Higher scores = higher treatment satisfaction.
The International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF) Questionnaire has 15 questions (questions 11-26) and 5 subscales. Higher scores indicate less dysfunction, except for Erectile Function where the opposite is true.
– Erectile Function (EF) (range: 1-30) (Qs 12,13,14,15,16,26)
– Orgasmic Function (OF) (range: 0-10) (Qs 20,21)
– Sexual Desire (SD) (range: 2-10) (Qs 22,23)
– Intercourse Satisfaction (IS) (range: 0-15) (Qs 17,18,19)
– Overall satisfaction (OS) (range: 2-10) (Qs 24,25)

For the Erectile Function scale
1-10 = Severe erectile dysfunction
11-16 = Moderate dysfunction
17-21 = Mild to moderate dysfunction
22-25 = Mild dysfunction
26-30 = No dysfunction
The Self-Esteem and Relationship Quality Survey (SEAR) has 14 questions and 3 subscales. Raw scores are presented as well as transformed scores. Transformed scores have a range from 0 to 100. Higher scores indicate more favourable responses.
– Sexual Relationship Satisfaction (Qs 27-34)
– Self-Esteem (Qs 34-38)
– Overall Relationship Satisfaction. (Qs 39,40)

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